Laser Surgery and the Medical Field

Laser cutting is used in various medical applications including dentistry, ocular surgery, tattoo removal, oncology, and many more. Dentistry uses Nd: YAG lasers in oral surgeries, to remove or biopsy cavities, soft tissues, and gingivectomy. Gingivectomy is the removal of gingiva, or in laymen’s terms gums. The gums can be disintegrating, or receding due to microbes found in food residue. Tattoo removal uses lasers to rid the body of permanent ink. This type of laser is also used to treat wrinkles, spider veins, excess fat and other derma logical maladies. The laser breaks apart the particles in the specified area, and the body heals naturally filtering away the dead cells. Ocular laser cutting is used during Lasik procedures. The lasers are used to delicately cut through membranes of the eye and allow surgeons to fix problems or abnormalities. Whether laser cutting is used for cosmetic, dental, or medically necessary surgical procedures, the strength and type of laser used varies from application to application.